Necvox ANT-536 Digital TV Magnetic Mount Roof Antenna, 96 dB, Black

Necvox ANT-536 Digital TV Magnetic Mount Roof Antenna, 96 dB, Black

  • High 96DB Gain digital aerial

Suitable for your Car, Van, Camper, Motorhome, Boat, Yacht, Narrow Boat, Bus or even just at home!

Necvox Quality NV536 On The Go, Car, Campervan, Truck, Motorhome, Camping Waterproof Portable DAB Aerial Digital Freeview DVB-T Antenna UHF/VHF TV Antenna

For years our UK customers have been telling us that this excellent Necvox NV 536 96db high gain portable outdoor freeview digital antenna is the best functioning portable TV & DAB Radio aerial / antenna currently available.

At only 5″ tall, 0.5kg in weight and with a 3.5″ circular base this well built fully portable indoor and outdoor free-view TV and DAB digital Aerial Ariel Arial is completely universal. Unlike those ugly extendable so called active aerials, this Necvox NV 536 portable TV & DAB antenna is a passive (non powered) plug and play Omani-directional DAB, digital, UHF and VHF TV aerial. As an Omani-directional TV & DAB antenna and with a 5 meter extension cable, it will pick up the majority of TV & Radio channels without the need to keep moving it around.

Suitable for Outdoor Or Indoor Use Fully Waterproofed To IP 68
Antenna Weight 0.5kg
Internal Bronze Aperture Spring
Antenna Stick Height 5″ – Hi-end Brass Screw In Connection to Base
Standard Nickel Plated 10mm (Diameter) F-Type (Male) Screw In Antenna Connector
Positive/ Negative Antenna Base Hi-Magnetic Antenna Base
PE Antenna Cable Length 5 meters Insulation Impedance 75 ohm (10mhz)
Digital Frequency Range 470mhz – 868mhz
UHF & VHF Range 470mhz – 862mhz
Signal Decline: 96db (10mhz)
Operable Temperature Range 0 – 60 Degree

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