High Grade – TV Lead for Sony Handycam Camcorder – AV / AUDIO VIDEO Connecting Cable – Replacement for VMC-15FS – AAA Products®

High Grade - TV Lead for Sony Handycam Camcorder - AV / AUDIO VIDEO Connecting Cable - Replacement for VMC-15FS - AAA Products®

  • AV connector cable to connect your Handycam to a video or TV – Interference protected.
  • Length Approx 1.5m – Replacement for VMC-15FS.
  • We believe in our products. That’s why we back them all with an 18-month warranty and provide friendly, easy-to-reach support.
  • AAA Products®

Works with Sony Handycam Camcorder model DCR-DVD7, DCR-DVD91, DCR-DVD92, DCR-DVD93, DCR-DVD101, DCR-DVD105, DCR-DVD106, DCR-DVD108, DCR-DVD109, DCR-DVD110, DCR-DVD150, DCR-DVD201, DCR-DVD202, DCR-DVD203, DCR-DVD205, DCR-DVD301, DCR-DVD304, DCR-DVD305, DCR-DVD306, DCR-DVD308, DCR-DVD310, DCR-DVD403, DCR-DVD404, DCR-DVD405, DCR-DVD406, DCR-DVD408, DCR-DVD410, DCR-DVD450, DCR-DVD505, DCR-DVD506, DCR-DVD508, DCR-DVD602, DCR-DVD605, DCR-DVD608, DCR-DVD650, DCR-DVD653, DCR-DVD703, DCR-DVD705, DCR-DVD708, DCR-DVD755, DCR-DVD803, DCR-DVD805, DCR-DVD808, DCR-DVD905, DCR-DVD908, DCR-HC18, DCR-HC19, DCR-HC20, DCR-HC21, DCR-HC22, DCR-HC23, DCR-HC24, DCR-HC26, DCR-HC27, DCR-HC30, DCR-HC32, DCR-HC35, DCR-HC36, DCR-HC37, DCR-HC39, DCR-HC40, DCR-HC42, DCR-HC44, DCR-HC45, DCR-HC46, DCR-HC47, DCR-HC51, DCR-HC53, DCR-HC62, DCR-HC85, DCR-HC90, DCR-HC94, DCR-HC96, DCR-HC1000, DCR-IP1, DCR-IP5, DCR-IP7, DCR-IP45, DCR-IP55, DCR-IP210, DCR-IP220, DCR-PC53, DCR-PC55, DCR-PC100, DCR-PC103, DCR-PC105, DCR-PC330, DCR-PC1000, HDR-PJ10, HDR-PJ30, DCR-SR30, DCR-SR32, DCR-SR33, DCR-SR35, DCR-SR36, DCR-SR37, DCR-SR40, DCR-SR42, DCR-SR50, DCR-SR52, DCR-SR55, DCR-SR57, DCR-SR58, DCR-SR60, DCR-SR62, DCR-SR70, DCR-SR72, DCR-SR75, DCR-SR77, DCR-SR78, DCR-SR80, DCR-SR82, DCR-SR90, DCR-SR100, DCR-SR190, DCR-SR210, DCR-SR290, DCR-SX30, DCR-SX31, DCR-SX34, DCR-SX40, DCR-SX41, DCR-SX45, DCR-SX50, DCR-SX60, DCR-SX53, DCR-SX73 DPP-EX50, HDR-CX6, HDR-CX7, HDR-CX11, HDR-CX105, HDR-CX115, HDR-CX116, HDR-CX130, HDR-CX155, HDR-CX300, HDR-CX305, HDR-CX350, HDR-CX360, HDR-CX370, HDR-CX500, HDR-CX505, HDR-CX520, HDR-CX550, HDR-CX700, HDR-FX7, HDR-FX1000, HDR-HC1, HDR-HC3, HDR-HC5, HDR-HC7, HDR-HC9, HDR-HC62, HDR-SR5, HDR-SR1, HDR-SR7, HDR-SR8, HDR-SR10, HDR-SR11, HDR-SR12, HDR-TD10, HDR-TG3, HDR-TG7, HDR-UX1, HDR-UX3, HDR-UX5, HDR-UX7, HDR-UX9, HDR-UX10, HDR-UX19, HDR-UX20, HDR-XR105, HDR-XR155, HDR-XR160, HDR-XR200, HDR-XR350, HDR-XR500, HDR-XR520, HDR-XR550, HVR-Z7, MHS-CM5, MHS-PM1 and MHS-PM5.

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