Charming “London Attractions” Refrigerator Magnet Souvenir! Telephone Box / Phone Box / Red London Phone Box / Souvenir / Speicher / Memoria! A Colourful and Collectible Magnet! Aimant / Magnet / Magnete / Imán!


  • WHAT A GIFT! We love to find unusual magnets…royally collectable London souvenir refrigerator magnets for home, school, or office! This magnet features Tower Bridge, the London Eye, a Royal Guard, a Routemaster / Route Master bus, and Big Ben! Only the best for our special, loyal customers! Attractive, colourful magnets are great for display and for gift-giving! Only collect the best!
  • WHAT A PRICE! London Attractions are so exciting! We bet that even The Royal Family of England would love this royally stylish and totally awesome magnet! See-through cut-out on the inside of this hand-painted magnet makes this rare and totally collectable…we’ve never seen its equal! Perfect for an unexpected present, this magnet even has a cut-out section that makes it look spectacular!
  • WHAT STYLE! Everyone loves colourful, unique British Collectables! This London Attractions magnet is sure to last for years! What an interesting history of England for travellers…can you go to all the attractions depicted in this magnet? These detailed, hand-painted British collectable magnet souvenirs are the perfect way to show off your travel plans! Make every day a royal occasion! It’s fun to sit and admire your magnet collection!
  • WHAT TASTE! We think that this London Attractions magnet with special cut-out section, is stylish and cool…the perfect memento of time spent exploring London! Now all you need is your New York magnet souvenir, Berlin, Paris, and Rome, and you’ll be all set! We love the Royal Guard…they’re our favourite part of London! Great for a surprise gift for everyone who’s travelled to London…or who would love to go!
  • 100% GUARANTEED! We understand that sometimes a return is a necessity, and for your shopping convenience we offer no-hassle returns. Simply contact us if you are dissatisfied and we will make you a happy customer, no questions asked. All products are 100% GUARANTEED!

This special London Attractions magnet will light up any refrigerator at home, school, or office! This beautiful magnet souvenir is a must for every collector and traveller! Beautiful, colourful, detailed magnet features a London Bus, Tower Bridge, the London Eye, and a Royal Guard, along with historical Big Ben, the London Clocktower! We are so happy with our series of London collectables! Highly-detailed, made to last, these collectable fridge magnets are great for gifts! Hand-painted, colourful details are the reason why these magnets sell so quickly online! London is so full of adventure, and everyone loves London attractions and especially the two-story London city buses! We know you’ll love this magnet, now available in multiples! Make every day a royally exciting occasion! Perfect for display, trade and gift-giving the year round! We love to travel, and we love London for all of its cool, collectable souvenirs! Beautiful magnets make everyone smile! Excellent Secret Santa Gift, Stocking Filler, Stocking Stuffer!

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