Brentmoor – Rubber Anti Vibration Pads for Washer and Dryers – Complete w/ Mini-Level

Brentmoor - Rubber Anti Vibration Pads for Washer and Dryers - Complete w/ Mini-Level

  • Premium rubber construction absorbs vibrations and quiets noisy washers/dryers
  • Patent pending cleat design helps keep washers/dryers in their place
  • Universal size fits all models of front load and top load washers/dryers
  • Easy to install
  • High-quality mini-level included to level your washer/dryer

Solve the Problem of the “Walking Washing Machine” Once and For All

Bulky washing machines and dryers have a tendency to move, skid and shake, wreaking all kinds of havoc in your laundry room. But there’s a simple, affordable solution. By placing our rubberized anti-vibration, noise reduction feet on the bottom of your machines, you can wash and dry your clothes with confidence, knowing that your machines will stay put.

Patented, Shock-Absorbing Cleat Design on Bottom is One-of-a-Kind

Multiple “cleats” on the bottom of feet prevent skidding, shaking, vibration and movement across the laundry room floor, helping to keep the peace in your home. Our advanced, patent-pending design is a first-of-its-kind in the marketplace.

No Need To Close the Laundry Room Door

Minimal movement means minimal noise. Now, you can sleep, entertain and go about your day without the noisy disruption of a rocking, knocking washer and dryer.

Your Bonus With Purchase: Magnetic Mini-Level

Use your convenient magnetic mini-level after installing the feet to ensure proper alignment of your machines. Keep the level in your toolbox to use throughout the house for all your home improvement needs.

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