Ariston Hotpoint Indesit Fridge Freezer Left Hand Freezer Flap Hinge. Genuine Part Number C00041958

Ariston Hotpoint Indesit Fridge Freezer Left Hand Freezer Flap Hinge. Genuine Part Number C00041958

  • Genuine replacement left hand freezer flap hinge for your fridge freezer.
  • This can fit fridge freezers sold by different manufacturers and brands.
  • For a full list of models this part / accessory is suitable for click on “See more product details” & then click “See all product details”
  • This is a genuine product
  • Take safety precautions when repairing all appliances. Repairs to gas appliances should only be made by a Gas Safe Registered engineer.

Has your freezer drawer flap become loose? This genuine Hotpoint replacement hinge is what you need to get it fixed. This hinge is for the left hand side of your appliance.

Suitable for the following models:

BF141UK, BF201UK, BFS121, BSF121UK, GCO110UK, GSF4200UK, HUZ121, HUZ121I, HUZ1221, HUZ1222, HUZ3022NF, HUZ3022NFI, HZ141, HZ1421, HZ1422.1, HZ201, HZ2022, HZ2022.1, IN-F-140G, IN-F-140G.1, INF140GIUK, INF140GUK, INF1411UK, INF1412UK, INF1412UK.1, INFS1211UK, INFS1212UK, INFS1212UK.1, KSZ3022NF, KUP200, OK-UP140EU.1, OKUP140, OSKVF120, OSKVF120/1, RFE14013NW, SC09UFRAI, SC12SFRAI, SC17TFRAI, TINFS1212KUKA2062/1, A2062/2, AF80, AF80/DSG, BC311I, BC312AIUK, BCB311, BCB333AAVEI/, BCS311, BCS312A, BCS312AS, BCS313AVEIUK, BCZ35AVE, CA55NFUK, CAA55NFKUK, CAA55NFSUK, CAA55NFUK, CAA55NFUK.1, CG1268UK, CG1269NF/1UK, CG1269NFUK, CG1304SIUK, CG1304UK, CG1305FFUK, CG1305NF/1UK, CG1305NFUK, CM31GI, ERF260XUK, ERF266XUK, ERF268XNFUK, ERF269NFUK, ERF312XLUK, ERF312XUK, ERF318XLNFUK, FFA52K, FFA52P, FFA52S, FFAA52K, FFAA52K.1, FFAA52P, FFAA52P.1, FFAA52S, FFAA52S.1, HM312AIFF, HM312I, HM312NI, HM315FF, HM31AA, HM31AAE, HM31AAECO3, HM31AAEF, HM31AAF, HM3250F, HM325FF, HM325FF.1, HMB312AAI, HMB312I, HMB313I, HME35, HMS313I, INC3100EU, INC3100G, INC3100G.1, INC3100G.1I, INC3100G.1UK, INCB310UK, INCB31AAUK, INCB320AIUK, INCB320IUK, INCH310AAVEI, KHM315FF, KHM325FF, KHM325FF.1, KM31AAE, KRF310, KRF3100EU, KRF330VED, NCAA55KUK, NCAA55SUK, NCAA55UK, NRFAA50P, NRFAA50S, OKRF3100AL/I, OKRF3100L, RFE14014NW, SC55TFFAI, SC73TFFAI

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