Microwave Oven Universal Mica Wave Guide Cover Sheet 150mm x 100mm, Cut To Size

Microwave Oven Universal Mica Wave Guide Cover Sheet 150mm x 100mm, Cut To Size

  • Universal Mica Wave Guide Cover
  • Save Money & Repair Your Own Microwave Oven
  • Cut This Sheet To Size
  • Dimensions: 150mm x 100mm
  • Fits Most Microwave Ovens

Sheet of wave guide cover material for all brands of microwave ovens. This mica sheet is usually found inside the cavity on the right wall or upper wall of the oven cavity. It covers the entry point that the microwaves enter the oven cavity. Fat and food splashes that gather on the cover over time cause the cover to overheat, burn and become soft. This can lead to sparking around the wave guide cover during the microwave cooking cycle. If this is not dealt with it can lead to the cavity being burnt as well. It is important to regularly inspect your wave guide cover for burn marks and replace as necessary. The sheet supplied is 150mm x 100mm which should be big enough for most domestic ovens. The idea is that you cut and trim this sheet to the size of your original cover. The material is easy to cut with a sharp knife or scissors. No special tools are required. If your old cover has a screw hole in it then a leather punch can be useful to make the hole. Otherwise the point of a screwdriver can be used to make the hole. Purchasing a universal sheet like this is often the easist option to obtaining an original cover as the originals can be expensive and in some cases difficult to source especially with all the strange brand names sold by supermarkets etc.

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