Koo-di Mini Fridge-to-Go

Koo-di Mini Fridge-to-Go

  • Keeps baby bottles, breast milk and food safe and cold
  • Works like a refridgerator keeping contents cold to a safe 5˚c
  • Keeps contents cold for up to 4 hours
  • Wipe clean interior and exterior, hanging handle to attach to a pram
  • Can be taken on board planes as the freezer blocks are within allowable limits

The Koo-di Fridge to go is a Brand product from Koo-di, providing patented chilling technology which takes the headache out of keeping babies bottles and food cool, safe and fresh when out and about, whatever the weather. The Fridge-to-go may look just like an ordinary cool bag, but in fact it is far more intelligent working like a refrigerator keeping food and drink cooled and safe to eat for up to 8 hours.

Using surround cooling technology, simply place the Fridge-to-go into the freezer overnight and as soon as it is taken out and packed with food it fires into cooling action just like a fridge. Even room temperature food placed into a fully charged Fridge-to-go will be chilled within two hours and unlike traditional cool bags which gradually warm throughout the day as ice blocks melt, leaving food soggy and wet, the Fridge-to-go requires no cool blocks!

Koo-di’s Fridge-to-go Baby Bottle and Travel bag means that mums can confidently take babies bottles of milk, juice and pots of food out for the day and it will remain chilled until it is ready to use.

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