Hotpoint C00254337 Fridge accessories/Shelves/Refrigeration Wine Rack Shelf

Hotpoint C00254337 Fridge accessories/Shelves/Refrigeration Wine Rack Shelf

  • Genuine replacement wine rack shelf for your Hotpoint fridge freezer.
  • Manufacturer’s Code – C00254337

Suitable for the following models- Hotpoint COM70P, COM72P, FFA70N, FFA70P, FFA70S, FFA71G, FFA71P, FFA71T, FFA74G, FFA74P, FFA74T, FFA75G, FFA75P, FFA76G, FFA76P, FFA80N, FFA80P, FFA80S, FFA81G, FFA81P, FFA81T, FFA84G, FFA84P, FFA84T, FFA90N, FFA90P, FFA90S, FFA91G, FFA91P, FFA91T, FFA97G, FFA97P, FFA97T, FFM70A, FFM71A, FFM74A, FFM74X, FFM81A, FFM84A, FFM84X, FFM90A, FFM91A, FFM97A, FFM97X, FFS70N, FFS70P, FFS70S, FFS90N, FFS90P, FFS90S, LDR80P, RFA08G, RFA08P, RFA08T, RFA18G, RFA18P, RFA18T, RFA70N, RFA70P, RFA70S, RFA73G, RFA73P, RFA73T, RFA80N, RFA80P, RFA80S, RFM08A, RFM18A, RFM73A, RLA50N, RLA50P, RLA50S, RLA51G, RLA51P, RLA51T, RLA52N, RLA52P, RLA52S, RLA53G, RLA53P, RLA53T, RLA54G, RLA54P, RLA54T, RLA56G, RLA56P, RLA56T, RLA61G, RLA61P, RLA61T, RLA64G, RLA64P, RLA64T, RLA80N, RLA80P, RLA80S, RLA81G, RLA81P, RLA81T, RLA84G, RLA84P, RLA84T, RLM51A, RLM53A, RLM54A, RLM56A, RLM61A, RLM64A, RLM80A, RLM81A, RLM84A, RLM84X, RLS80N, RLS80P, RLS80S

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