Genuine HOOVER CANDY Tumble Dryer PULLEY WHEELS 97918247

Genuine HOOVER CANDY Tumble Dryer PULLEY WHEELS 97918247

  • Genuine replacement jockey pulley (pack of 2) for your tumble dryer.
  • This can fit tumble dryers sold by different manufacturers and brands.
  • For a full list of models this part/accessory is suitable for click on “See more product details” and then click “See all product details”.
  • This Is A Genuine Product.
  • Take safety precautions when repairing all appliances. Repairs to gas appliances should only be made by a Gas Safe Registered engineer.

Suitable for the following models- Hoover CIC250EXES, HDC60ECH, HDC60ESY, HDC6UK, HDC70XSY, HDC75TEXCH, HDC75TEXDE, HDC75TEXFR, HDC75TEXSY, HDC7FME, HDC7FMUK, HDC7UK, HDV60SY, HDV6UK, HDV70EXFR, HDV70XSY, HDV75EXDE, HDV7FMUK, HNC160-80, HNC170-80, HNC170S-80, HNC171X-SY, HNC260-SY, HNC270-80, HNC271X, HNC271XS-SY, HNC770T-80, HNC771X-SY, HNC771XT, HNC771XT-84, HNC771XT-SY, HNV160-80, HNV160-SY, HNV171X-SY, HNV270-80, HNV271X-89, HNV771X, NHC771XT-89, TC50 001, TC650 001, TCE60 001, TCE60 021, TCE60 031, TCE61 031, TCE61 061, TCE62 011, TCE62 061, TCE63 011, TCE63 021, TCE64 001, TCE660 001, TCX50 031, TCX51 031, TCX51 061, TCX52 011, TCX52 061, TCX53 011, TVE40 001, TVE40 021, TVE40 031, TVE41 031, TVE41 061, TVE42 011 EU, TVE42 011MAY, TVE42 061, TVE43 011, TVE43 014, TV20 001, TV30 001, TV630 001, TV640 001, TVX30 031, TVX31 031, TVX31 061, TVX32 011, TVX32 014, TVX33 011, TVX33 014

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